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Thursday, June 24, 2010

23 June - Dust & Worse

Here we go again, because I don't live in the perfect world of millionaires who just leave their house when some building works get carried out, move to South of France for the duration and return only after an army of household staff has reconfigured the area and make it shine, I have to deal with shit.

And I see why. We're repaving an area at the front. So the tiler or builder is busy cutting the thick stones to size with an electric saw. And there's clouds of dust blowing towards my house, the neighbour's, the street where pedestrians are passing. The tiler is not even wearing a mask so clearly he thinks dust is for cissies. I rush out with whatever I can grab, bin liners, which had they been draped on the railings and enclosed his working area, would have contained the dust, but he tells me he's nearly finished. Oh yeah? Cue me dispatching Toph to get basin and wet old towel and wipe steps of next door's neighbours. He thinks I'm mad but I know how disputes start, they start with people thinking you don't give a shit about them.

Of course the dust is everywhere inside too. Of course the builder has been emptying buckets of cement mixed with water into my drains and the stagnant 'water' there is not draining away presumably because the cement has solidified inside the actual drain and and and , oh fuck i give up, it all gets so boring.

Later on tiler's boss tells me that he's done houses for various popstars near me and what a little 80's list it is.... M People, Depeche Mode, and a bit more modern, The Verve. Funny old world. Bet they don't have to clean up the mess.


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