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Thursday, June 24, 2010

24 June - Generals & Stones

Poor Gen McChrystal, I saw can see what happened there. It's so seductive to have the alternative press following you around. It may be 2010 but a version of this journalist would have gone on tour with the Stones 30 years ago and you just want to look good in their eyes and end up saying stupid stuff like 'Oh, an email from my secretary of state, who's that? I can't be arsed'. Then someone else in your entourage makes you feel like the boss, obviously, and adds to it and you make a joke back and you have a few drinks and before you know it, you think the journalist is one of your gang. Oh but he is sooooo not! Classic. What a silly end. They must have rejoiced for 5 mins when RS hit the stands, 'look, read here, we made ourselves clear, we told them'. And then you get the headmaster summoning you to his office. And you're expelled.

Guess they didn't have the ubiquitous press officer who sits in on interviews and stops you from going there....


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