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Or.. 'f.ck me I'm forty.. two.. and a half', though can look 38 on a - not so deluded - good day. Or 'How to reconcile a well experienced mind trapped in a still - but for how long? – youthful body.' Don't have the 30somethings angst/problems, neither have the resigned (?) ageing baby-boomers in safe family territory outlook yet. Here's how I cope, one day all sexy women will get old... but never invisible. © Lisa Taylor 2005/6/7/8/9. Jeez.. so much for the 42 and-a-half delusion

Monday, September 13, 2010

1 september - Carnival

May as well be in a bar in ibiza, not that I have been, since the only music I like at carnival is... Sancho Panza. Decide that next year I'll go out at 12, dance till 2/3pm latest, then return home. Next year also I'd like to dispense with the open house offer. Basically you wait all day for some friends to turn up but they hardly come to carnival anymore, it's not a novelty when you're over 40 and then they may just stay for a beer, in other words there's no party sense of occasion or worse turn up at 8pm when you're tired of it all and would rather not play host any more.

Old and moody moi?


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