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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

23 October - Hix and Townhouses

This sort of proves my theory that food is not as important as the setting or the company. I take Toph to a well deserved thank you meal at Hix which he wanted to try. Of course we're bridge and tunnel on this occasion (was a saturday night) and they don't know us, so we get a table for 2 in ok position but really you need one that seats 4 or 6 to feel you've got a nice one. Most are filled with people not too well dressed and looking suspiciously like young bankers our for a regular meal, jeans, shirts, nothing too smart.

Food is good - if you like mallard and grouse or what Hix is famous for, room nothing to write home about. I then suggest a drink at Dean St Townhouse which Toph had yet to see. He loves it. Just the way it's done and the buzz, though of course next to us are two tourists with London guide in which it's probably already starred as a place to go to. Wonder if guides say things like 'on the site of the former AllBar One' type thing. Am sure Toph would have enjoyed (cheaper) meal here though nothing to write home about but they look after you service wise and are fast and competent in their dishes.

By now you know I'm not a foodie and don't care one way or another. My brandy was top good rounding off of a rare WE at the w/end.


  • At 7:58 AM, Blogger Bare Knuckles said…

    Did you live in the US when you were a kid? I went to school with a girl named Lisa Taylor and we're about the same age. Just curious.

  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger Lisa Taylor said…

    hi, afraid not.. have visited USA a fwe times (just NYC/LA/San Fran/San Diego/Las vegas, but never spent more than holiday time there


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