Diary of Lisa Taylor, reluctantly 42 (and a half)

Or.. 'f.ck me I'm forty.. two.. and a half', though can look 38 on a - not so deluded - good day. Or 'How to reconcile a well experienced mind trapped in a still - but for how long? – youthful body.' Don't have the 30somethings angst/problems, neither have the resigned (?) ageing baby-boomers in safe family territory outlook yet. Here's how I cope, one day all sexy women will get old... but never invisible. © Lisa Taylor 2005/6/7/8/9. Jeez.. so much for the 42 and-a-half delusion

Monday, September 13, 2010

6 September - Cosi' Fan

We're at a morning dress rehearsa. We can hear whispering by the control desk. Jonathan Miller looking pensive-worried next to us. B. looks enraptured. I sort of envy the fact she loves her work, which she fell into by accident one may say, but she's totally immersed herself into.


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