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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2 November - Woolens

Maybe nobody has as many jumpers, cardigans, polo necks, vests , heartwarmers, as I have but I border on the sick with all the boxes of them (and you know that's a calling card for the moths). But I enjoy sorting them out at the beginning of winter and be reminded of all the brown ones, all the blacks, all the stripey, all the pale ones etc etc.
Only thing is, I work in environments where it's never that cold and go out wearing some only to then think what have I done, am boiling hot now! so when will I wear all of these? and yet I keep acquiring more here and there. Sometimes I buy some heavy ones, like soft chunky cashmere and think 'Will wear round the house, save on the heating - not for money reasons but for eco reasons' but not even my home gets cold, it's well insulated. I'd rather wear those than dressing gowns or some such... never had one and find them somehow offputting, like they belong in some old film. Apart from the fact that everyone gets attached to their 'old' one and so they look yeuuuuu.
I also have some cashmere trackie and never cold enough to wear them. In my head I waft around like a Ralph Lauren girl in her house in Aspen at Xmas but in reality.... no such thing.


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