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Monday, January 17, 2011

17 January - Rocks & Stones

Man, I keep reading what women want, what they don't want etc and how to get ahead and so on but for my empirical observations, they want conflicting things so what's new. I work with high achievers under incredible stress every day but they're here to make money. There are enough women though of course not 'high up'. The ones in the 20 to 30 category are of course getting married, having children etc. Not sure how they will maitain the career upon return.
But it's telling how we chat about nothing much and when discussing god knows what she says 'have you seen the ring H Hefner gave his 24 year old g/friend, it's huge, star shaped'. I say no, so she calls me to her computer and there it is. Not as awful as I imagined. I say go get it Y. but don't sell anything of yourself to get one. But it's kind of sad that she aims for that.

I wish we just woke up one day to the news that diamonds and gold and platinum are no longer worth anything at all, they're practically like silver plated swarovski stuff. Pretty, creative, unique, but worth just a few manageable quid. I'd really like that, instantly wiping out this house of cards that someone created about gold and diamonds. Sure people back in egyptian, roman, whatever times, wanted something that lasts, and gold does last, we're still finding what they hid here and there, but it's absurd the value that's attributed to these things. And sure also, it's immense skill and creativity that some jeweller have employed to create beautiful things to hold, but can they do that with crystal stones and not the diamonds? Can a little polished wood carving now be the perfect gift for valentine? It will wane over time but you won't be here to know it.

Jewels are just things, you can't take them with you, they may buy you a bit of safe passage should the big wars start but not for long. They're not worth more than books etc.


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