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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 January - Stuff Owns Me

Those articles on decluttering alwasy ask you if you own stuff or if stuff owns you. I'd say the latter. Am already panicking about a possible move I'll do later in the year. Something I really want and look forward to but feel utterly deflated when I think about packing up and storing ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL/TOOOOOO MUCH.

Just as I feel all of this weighing on me and start to plan how to consolidate, but I know I'll throw away only 5% of what I have, Angolan queen's email hits my inbox. She's one who's always been on the move and travels light. Not for her to hang on to a duvet between moves, she'll buy a new one and she's absolutely right. Since she's been in Africa she's had the use for her returns of a friends' large house and they've stored for her a few boxes of her belongings, like 6 in total?
These friends are now also moving and will have less space so Angolan queen is asking me to go visit and take out of these boxes a few things like:

1 black dress with birds on, 1 red handbag (that K. gave me for xmas last year) 1 DVD drive for computer with cable
from suitcase the quilt my mum made me
from laundry basket the two pairs of boots
1 x box photos/albums and framed photos
Sigur Ros dvd/book/cd's- (about 4 things)
from another suitcase (I think) 1 pair purple suede m and s high heels and a pair of flat lizard skin sandals both in shoe bags

fill just one suitcase with them and the rest can go.

I have read this email many times now. I could cry with envy.


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