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Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 January - Drugs & Sides

Friend J. who was looking for HRT, goes to GP and gets recommended anti dep of the Prozac family, small dosage 'try one month' sort of thing.

Checking it out online, you read the list of possible side effects and you could just faint at the thought. Ok they give you percentages of the sample and the likelihood is small enought, but still. There's a side effect for everything. You know, cure your suicidal thougths but give yourself anxiety and sleeplessness why won't you? Aren't you already anxious and sleepless if you have suicidal thoughts? Who knows. Just as well that the GP told her to ignore the side effect for decreased libido since that was one of the reasons she was keen to get on HRT in the first place - that and the sudden rages.

She's aske me to keep an eye on her in case I notice anything out of character.


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