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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 March - Freerunning & Parcour

After tea in gt ormond st with the gay friends who are now residents of one of the best little areas of london (pedestrianised, quiet etc) and who'll get super fit on account of being on a 4th or 5th floor (couldn't afford the lower ones at twice the amount), we wandered off to see some young'uns and hear not a note that wasn't hip hop/rap.

24 competitors... to be whittled down to 12 in the RedBull competition for freerunning by the NT. Clearly toph wasn't that keen on this outing, but was swept along by the refrain 'I want to see/do someething different, we always do the same shit'. Loved it, though was disappointed no skull cracked open and spewed blood everywhere as they went about jumping off walls and landing on concrete.

Earlier in the day we had followed the east eruopean hippy babes to a small park behind Trellik tower and that was a novelty since must have gone past it zillion of times but never noticed (see above for 'we always do the same shit ie. stop when we get to the Oporto).

The EEBabes were met by chance at Coffee Plant when one of them spotted that Sergei was russian as herself. But Sergei is not that forthcoming with words so dontcha now, Toph kept up the chatter. I think this was second or third time they met in CPlant and again Anna was trying to invite Sergei to some tango dancing display and to Passing Clouds but he was being his usual reticent self. Toph just couldn't fathom why but Sergei told him he doesn't fancy Anna and clearly he's not the type who'll just shag anyone just because they're there and available. Plust this makes Anna chase all the more as Sergei to date is an enigma to her, though he's been to Cuba and the girls are going to Cuba so information was offered.

We left them to it. I don't have much interest in how it pans out but Toph is sublimating the fact he's not able to spend time with young EEBabes any more. The other one Dorotha, is the one he'd like the most and I like the least on account that it wasn't that hot but since there was a ray of sunshine at 2pm of course she had to go and wear the kind of ickle dress with straps that fall and you have no bra on which I should wait for a Glastonbury day before I give it an outing.

Toph says 'But she has a boyfriend!' as some kind of iron maiden lock she may also wear. Oh how some days he forgets I'm older and wiser than him...


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