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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

21 March - Norwegian & Wood

Subtitle should have been 'It would have been good to talk!'

Honest.. long time since have avoided Bergman movies and here was one. I guess I would recommend it only to young people who would find the nexus of it close to their lives perhaps though maybe not in these permissive days. But it tired me out. Good acting, good camera work. Don't go see if you're taking antidepressants, may set you back.

Later on I found myself listening for an hour to friend L. who goes round in circles a lot over the same same issues all the time. I managed. She thought I was very good for once, less impatient and a good listener. I was merely thinking wouldn't want to be in her head. And that if I gave her a full hour, it would count towards not offering to listen for the entire the next week, bar a few emails. Calculating, moi? But if you think about it, you sort of find yourself remembering decades of endless discussions whilst with friends trying to sort out our lives but you want to say 'Christ, surely you have to have a grip by now on your issues?' (unless someone died, you lost your job, your home, you live near a nuclear reactor...).

Is there a more attractive word than 'grumpy' I could use?


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