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Friday, March 11, 2011

11 March - La Neige & le trans

Time flyes and this blog is neglected, mired in 'drafted posts' languishing w/o the benefit of a little editing. So this is just to say am either dying of some rare cancer (ok only symptom is rapid weight loss which normally may be welcome but not a dress size in two weeks w/o trying, that's got to spell something wrong right? Though my best friend has all the symptoms of ovarian cancer and we sort of exchanged our worries on the same day so that's probably like falling in line with your periods or something.
I will get checked out, next Friday GP booked. Won't take chances as have known people diagnosed in September (and too late) and dead in mid Feb. But in the meantime la neige m'appelle and going skiing in Swizerland courtesy of good friends with lovely house near Villars.
The surprise of the week is that (since good friends can be friends you don't talk to for half a year) is that Mme head is working on a postive sex website. Not sure what this means as can't access it yet, not launched. But she sounded super excited by it and that was infectious enough. Second surprise is that her daughter will also be on the skii trip but am instructed to call her now by a boy name, since she's changed it by deed poll and is in first stages of transgender op. Makes sense knowing her/him and happy for him. Hope not to say anything wrong in trying to be uber liberal.

Again, bad things are happening in the world, if it's not a war or an insurrection, it's a natural disaster and very sorry for all my Japanese friends out there. They are not directly affected but still, when a bad thing happens in a country, the whole country feels awful, not just the immedidate victims.

Willt this stop me crashing into bed early for my 5am cab to airport... not really, life goes on this far away. But sad, very sad today.

oh and if at work I hear again one of our most overused sentences 'Is it me or is it too hot here today', I think I'll scream.


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