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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May - Colonics & Rob Lowe

He is just too handsome. I do like them with a sort of smooth almost girlie face. Not for me the rugby player build, a picture of Mike Tyndall can actually make me grimace in unvoluntary disgust though Shrek is a very successful film so no doubt there are fans of that look. In the distant past didn't say no to a couple of said shaped men, but they had super handsome faces, though but on the whole, give me Rob Lowe. I'd never even have noticed he was in town doing promo for an autobiography (never manage to read that genre), but turns out friend S. still treasures all his films and still has some on vhs. So she bought tix and off I went.

The talk was oversubscribed and I bet the Royal Geo society never sees such a turnout, it's not like Amundsen has just returned from his successful trip .... My foray was more exciting in terms of discovering their building than the actual RL experience. There was an exhibition of prize winnign photos in the foyer and they just make me dream of setting off every other week to one of those destinations. They also have a great magazine which had articles about things I never think about. Am writing this two weeks after the event and can't recall as single article, proof that ageing will be fine as will turn into a fish in a bowl endlessly coming across the same thing and finding it fascinating. But I loved them at the time. Back to RL. He's pretty consumate raconteur, would imagine he can memorise all his anecdotes, I mean, he was there, he knows what happened but the actual telling has to be done in a timed entertaining way and he told us that for him the best part of the West Wing was being capable of memorising long stretches of script which was filmed in one take. Which then gave him the confidence to come do theatre here in some Aaron Sorkin play which S. naturaly went to see. Unfortunately for her I still struggle to take a photo on an iphone not having one myself. So the record of her moment next to him when he signed her book is... out of focus naturally. Ah well...
The surprise was also that there were zillions of teenagers there and we couldn't figure it out.... seems they were his fans from Brothers & Sisters which I never watched. He says he left because his character was holding salad tongs too often and that was not him. Agree, we should see RL doing some sex scenes though we never did in West Wing. Was he straight or was there a hint of gay there? Been a few years, can't remember.

Colonics, what the hell did I want to say about them? I stick the titles up before I write the post...mmmhhh had one. Was er.. more interesting than the previous one, and I suspect now that am not actually dying of pancreatic cancer but simply was full of shit. Won't discuss on these pages, but just for my own memory retention. This blog is my 'cloud'.



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