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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

19 Jan - Cash Money

No sooner have I sorted out a loan wiht Abbey - took 6 weeks and I won't catalogue all the mistakes that were made by... them, that the one at RBS may now not be so safe. The idiots at my solicitor had requested the RBS funds a whole few weeks before completion so suddenly I was paying a first mortgage installment BEFORE I actually get keys to new home, so I said er... give the money back to RBS and give me back the amount you took out prematurely, and only get it out when I actually have to hand it over to seller right? Right.

But maybe my solicitor knew something I didn't and I hope that having handed the money back to the biggest stupidest bank in these times of cretin chairmen and so on doesn't mean I have rejected their mortgage, 'cause I bloody well wouldn't get one now...

I'm seriously thinking of moving to Nigeria, at least there I would expect all sorts of crazy stuff going on with banks and not the incompetence that here subsitutes scams. Just to be clear about how stupendously incompetent they are, my loan with Abbey was approved in a name and surname that was not simply a misspelling of mine but a completely different entity, a Dr. Burnett in fact. Who he?



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