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Sunday, April 05, 2009

3 April - Studios & Sainsbury

I was going to stay in, but then famous producer who never bothers to reply to my practical messages since he's the house guest I never see due to conflicting schedules, texts to ask me to go listen to the album he's just putting to bed. So I go to the studio and am greeted at the door by his bouncy new assistant all of 24 years old and over 6ft. His evident enthusiasm for having landed this great gig is uplifting somehow. I discover later that he lives sort of in Bromley and when he'll finish here at the usual 3am or so, will scooter to Chiswick where he parks the car at his ex g/friend's house to then drive back and hit the sack over an hour later. And there are no w/ends in this job, but maybe in the 2 or 3 years he'll spend with famous producer he'll be nicked by Madonna or some other artist to go programme on her tour and all will be worth it.

So I sit down on the sofa and playback begins. It's not easy to cover this role, I'm not in any great position but am supposed to have good ears and make useful comments. Three songs in, I announce I'm sitting in the wrong place, behind the speakers, and move to the desk. Much better. By song 6 I've regained the faculties required and my suggestion that the vocals are too far back in this one and obscured by the bass, is spot on. Famous producer (and songwriter in this case too) says it was on his list to do exactly that to this track. I rule. It's all wonderful stuff by my favourite norwegian, since I really don't rate the royskopp boys anymore, and am shocked to hear that the record company is only going to release two singles to see how it goes, ie, they may not pick up on the album. Am incensed on her behalf, this is no way to treat a great artist but it's crowded out there and we have a good chuckle at U2 only shifting 50k in the UK in their first week. Poor little Moby is doing it by himself for example, since the large conglomerates will only invest in surefire stuff. Anyway, this is boring.

On my way out he asks if I have the car and I say sure, do you want a lift to Sainsbury before it closes at midnight. Of course. And there they go. One minute making magic stuff, the next getting microwavable meals.
But the restorative qualities of decent sounds mean I go to bed happier than I've been this week.



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