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Thursday, April 16, 2009

9 April - Brian & Jon

Quite proud of this bit of quick thinking. So the BF was finally on his way back after a six weeks absence. He rang from the car to say the traffic into London from the airport was pretty dire/slow. I of course had been up by the time he landed, and done a good round of bathroom activities and dwelling in drawers so that I could pretend to have just woken up but have some make up on, minty fresh breath, flowers arranged just so and generally looking the picture of welcoming party of one.

So I thought, oh no, by the time he gets here there will be life to deal with (I had to go out not too long after), and so I called him back and made him tell me what had gone on in past few days of no phone due to Africa so that he wouldn't waste time telling me when he arrived. Inspired thinking! By the time he walked in, the catching up had been done and he could just jump my lovely bones. Organised or what?

Then I left him to sleep off several months of stress and went to ... collect bathroom tiles I had ordered. Yes, that romantic. Then I got back and woke him up to help me download them from the car and incurring back problem in the process. I'm an idiot. I had however warned him that life does go on and after the initial flush of excitement at the warrior return, we gatherers would just make him do gathering stuff. He was game. Just moaned about how cold it was mainly.

Then it was time to go listen to Brian Eno and John Hassel in conversation at the South Bank about... the control/surrender axis and various other things they have been pondering for a few years. I was pondering on how absence makes the heart and all that. I think the boyf was glued against me in a way that he's not often practiced. And played with my hair throughout which I adore. When I told H. later, (she was there too with boyf) she said she finds hair stroking 'patronising' and gives her the creeps. There you go, another one for we're all so different.
We went backstage and Brian and John had their little groups of friends just into them. I imagine that there must be a l ittle bit of competition going on there. But it was fun. Nobody asked about U2. Then we left and went back to do it all again. Fab.


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