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Sunday, April 05, 2009

5 April - Cocktails & Bars

Saturday had started badly with a wasted trip to battersea to pick up tiles that weren't actually all there. You know, it is wearing very thin my already low enthusiasm for refurbs, and having to make 4 trips alone to get tiles, is frankly not how I want to spend any time, but in the absence of one of those you know, decorators that sorts it all out for you, I have to do it. Damn. Hate it. And I still didn't have taps, nothing can be actually purchased there and taken away it seems so I marched into a bathroom showroom and asked what do you have that I can have next week and the sales assistant pointed to 4 models I could have by Wednesday, so I picked one. That way you see, there is no point trying to 'design' anything. Oh and top tip, any white heated towel rail is a fraction of the price because now everyone wants silver. Well, white is fine by me.

So the invitation to go out for a drink later with the best bartender in town, a legend in fact, had to be taken though I'm a very light drinker and I was tired. He's a neighbour though we've never been in each other's house. We meet at the Portobello Star which he says makes the best cocktails. We then go to Mongomery Place and have virtually the same drinks and they're very different though he pronounces them good too. Then we go and eat at Bumpkin and back to MP since the PS closes earlier. PS wins, by the way. My tally is still low, 3 Cosmopolitans are not even rattling me slightly. Another one would be just right but it's chucking out time and since the clientele is the usual young eurotrash and we were reminiscing earlier about the Zanzibar in Covent Garden (his first job and location of my first meeting with one of my longest running friends I.) we might as well be from another planet.

In those days we'd have had somewhere else to go to now but since we're local, a stroll home is beckoning. Another good night's sleep. Just wish I didn't wake up thinking 'Oh, have to paint those A3 sheet with the paint samples'. I mean, since when is this what I waste time on? It's maddening not to be able to close the project so to speak and instead just see this stretch into Summer.


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