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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

31 March - Summits & Sackings

You have to have no sympathy really for bankers as they don't really reason like the sort of people who are anything but arrogant, though am sure it's mostly learned behaviour for the majority and they will lose it when they have to live digging up potatoes soon.

I saw one of those City website/newsletter things that quoted some as saying (apropos the G20 summit and expected protesters) that they were ready, bring it on so to speak because "most of us have played or play rugby so we're ready for them/a fight".
Apart from anything else, the above stupid sentence presumes that all bankers are male since I've never come across a single woman who plays rugby though am sure there are teams/leagues and whatever.

On the subject of work in general, went to a leaving do (financial year ending meant swathes of workers were axed before they show up in next year's losses and can be chalked out to this annus horribilis instead). And you have to feel sorry... fewer people to sign those wretched sorry you're leaving cards, and fewer people around to donate anything to the collection, and pitiful few at the sad drinks where we drink prosecco instead of champagne. I wonder if there are cards already that actually say the truth, sorry you were unceremoniously dumped and no, we don't really believe you'll be fine in a few months when the redundancy package runs out.


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