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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1 April - Maintenance & Bodies

Whilst am not advocating plastic surgery and I think this country's media constantly peddles dangerous aspirational surgery that's clearly costly and damaging in the long run, I have no objections to routine maitenance and a round up of (admitted) non-necessary procedures amongst my friends has this tally:

P: facelift, nose, lips. All this done before she was over 40ish and very happy with it all
C: nose - at 40, should have done earlier, ecstatic about reducing it, it was never small
R: eyelids at 55, has knocked ten years off her, and sprung her into WeightWatchers and has lost over a stone as well, looking good indeed
D: tummy tuck in her 30's and due to 3 pregnancies so saggy. Worked then, now effects have gone, but 15 years later what do you expect
D: tummy lipo at 40 something, very happy about it
R: breast implants at 23 but was unproportioned small chest on tall, buxom girl. Very happy about it
Z: breast implants at 30. Not necessary in my view but she loves her new huge knockers. So do all of her male co-workers
I: derma fillers to face in early 40s. Don't see her any more so no idea if they held or has repeated.

Of course there are more but not admitted. For example I suspect S. of a bit of everything since she's over 50 and you can give her 5/8 years less but any enquiry in that direction is fobbed off on spa treatments. Spa my arse I say... For all I know there are hair extensions galore and are those different from cosmetic enhancement? and I would definitely recommend a few more friends and foes to have their teeth fixed but, that's one of the ugly processes, extra painful and at times wildly more expensive than just a lipo or botox for ten years.

So with all this in mind, and bearing in mind nobody in my small sample has had bad experiences in their repspective clinics, I'm happy to book the one thing I'd wanted done forever and a day, removal of saddlebags. I toyed for years arguing that for the amount of money spent I could have gone to Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand, Bali and so on, on a wonderful holiday but if on said holiday and resulting photos I see my thighs and sigh everytime that they don't belong to the same body of general slimness, then it's worth doing. The only thing to consider now is skin elasticity not being what it was, will the area vacated of fat be sticking back to underlying muscle or hang a bit lose which frankly would be worse than living with the bags... Mmmhh. Not sure the doctor can really assess this and am sure will have to sign whatever consent form and worry about the results later. And of course doing the thighs only, would that not then show up the really already sagging knees more? Again, there are no easy answers so, to hell with it. Am booking it. On another note, it's just as well I held back so far on macrolane injections to boost saggy breasts as they seem to be undergoing a full renaissance no doubt due to hormonal ageing changes. So money saved there.



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