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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

20 March - Watches & Jewellery

Sometimes the posh papers, well the Daily Telegraph, have supplements on jewellery and watches. These fascinate me and I almost read them from cover to cover. Or rather, I don't read the jewellery articles, but read the stuff about watches. Even though I don't care if the watch can survive a nuclear meltdown and carry on functioning a million years from today. How do they know? Which nuclear meltdown did they smuggle the watch into to test this? Do they have friends in North Korea? And what if the meltdown is survivable but a standard armoured vehicle crushing your arm/watch just kills its functions?

I just like the look of an Omega Co-Axial chronometer. I do not know what the co-axial stands for, two axis of what? The standard day and night? Good and evil? Above or below water? Standard axis or alternative axis if that one goes wrong?

The thing is, I do not look at women's watches, simple or encrusted with an abundance of baubles and coloured straps. I just adore men's watches. Am I blokey? Clearly not, since as I said the thechnical spiel bores me stiff and I think it's there just to inflate the price of the watches (I read somewhere that at auctions, some buyers are actually disguised stooges of the actual manufacturer who are bidding to raise the price and make the brand seem more covetable). It's just a shame that I can't really indulge in wearing a man sized watch on my slender wrist. It would be interpreted, correctly, as a huge affectation, a signal of some allegiance to god knows what fraternity and I don't wish to confuse people that much. And I don't believe in collecting watches just to keep in drawers and show guests or just slobber over them on my own. But I wish I didn't think like this because I'd be more inclined to spend money on men's watches than on art for the walls for example. Go figure... Never had a boyf. into his watches either. Father wore his gold, simple, Omega (oh la la, one of the brands I like but lets let this one pass all ye freudians) all his life and so on.



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