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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 May - Multiple kids

I saw my former beloved Dr. S. for an hour or so yesterday at Kings Cross champagne station bar as he was on his way to see daughter E. nearby for the evening. He's still having arguments with the mother, K. as she’s still breastfeeding her (she’s 2 and a half!!!) and sleeping in same bed. Bit .. er.. problems later in life perhaps??? Am aware that in some cultures you can breastfeed till they're 8 or something but I just find it weird in ours. Apparently E. asks for mummy's tit when she's at some kindergarden thingy. Wasn't there a Little Britain sketch with adult Wallians diving for his mother's breast at parties and so on?

Dr S.is going to be in the country at lot more now since the business he's laboriously been setting up in the Bahamas for the last 3 years is a little on hold .. Doesn't surprise me as it's geared to the super rich who are now less super rich than a year ago but he says it's not so much due to lack of clients wanting to sign up, but to his major investor who has lost money on markets and so wants to get rid of one out of 2 helicopters they bought (both are not yet equipped with medical stuff and on sale for 6.5m.. if you want one). He has however another investor, mr Campbell soup son or grandson but in the meantime he’s going to take a locum job in X(where V. and his 3 and a half year old son C. live) … anyway. He has been asked by the Norwegian doctor he’s been ahem shagging on and off in Bahamas for 4 years to fertilize her eggs (she’s 43 but has frozen the 35 year old ones in NY a few years ago) and he’s not sure if he wants to do it because she’ the type saying ‘You do love me, you just don’t realise it’ (yeeekes! future stalker alert) so he’s worried she may not be as detached as mother of E. is .. I said that’ s an understatement and told him the crazy story about G. ‘sister in law’ and the wedding plans/dress etc. (the 'If I build it they will come' delusional story so common in many lives).

I don’t know why he even wants to go there... he’s already proven that his sperm is super good and E. and C. are picture perfec kids. But he agrees that if only it was made easier for these single women to adopt the orphans out there, the IVF clinics and so on would not make so much money. Just give an abandoned kid to someone who wants one for crying out loud. I asked him if he knew about the link between IVF and developing cancer in women who have had the treatment and have or have not had kids as a result. Why do I know this? because a friend's sister was a nurse in an IVF clinic for ages.

Anyway, in the course of conversation and the bottle of red he drank almost by himself .. he said it’s very hard to find someone who enjoys a spanking these days. Being unable to avail myself to such delights, or as provided by him in any case, I said I’d check with a friend of mine and maybe introduce him to her, but I mentioned the deal breaker of super duper nice hotel and that my friend is not like me and my willingness to enter a Travelodge if he was on the bed. So he’s not so sure about that but he does have the cash , so I hope it happens and I can vicariously have the story from both sides.

He still looks good to me, but a little less hot perhaps. I said "What’s with the clothes (polo which had seen better black colour days, and faded jeans) you look like one of my Polish builders" and he said ‘I’m travelling’ and I said "Yes I see, but we’re at the champagne bar and you're meeting me, though maybe you only called me on the offchance and I run to you as usual". and I also told him I’d love to cut off his white hairs protruding from neck of t-shirt … small things. You still feel a little proprietorial of your exes.

He then took a call from V. and put me on the phone to her after telling her that I was ok, I do not have Alzheimer or tumours (so I realised he had discussed me and my health concerns with her) and so I told her maybe I’ll take a drive in the Summer and go visit /see little C.
I mean??? How did I get here? Nice aunty??? WTF? V. was my enemy!

He also is deluded. It was clear from the way he spoke to V. that there is affection there and they’d just come back from some family wedding in her native Slovakia so if he wants to pretend she’s not his g/friend, fine by me, but .. I rather think she is.. and he’s finally getting older and realising who loves him. However, I know V. doesn’t do spanking, hence he’s f rustrated. And there's me trying to find him a solution. Wish he found me a solution to more mundane stuff, like offer to come build some shelves (which he was going to do for K. who was also aware he was having a drink with me first).

Suddenly it's like I'm part of one of thoes modern extended families where everyonoe is cool with each other. Maybe Toph should go on holiday with him/us/them? He'd like the kids....


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