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Thursday, June 04, 2009

1 June - Young is as Young does

So there I am occasionally considering that what I sometimes wear is a tad too young for me, though of course am not ever mutton dressed as lamb. No way.

But it would appear that to my loverboy I am even younger than I make out. He's returned from LA with not one but two short dresses (the kind that can be worn over jeans) as favoured by the stars he tells me. The stars seen sporting said dresses on the brochure he kindly brought back to illustrate are: Lindsay Lohan, Micha Barton, the Olsen sisters... Mmmhh.. These people are half my age? But if that's how he sees me in his lover's mind's eye, that's fine by me.

According to him the shop caught his eye, he went in and describe his g/friend as a sort of SJP with larger tits, and owner promptly drew these two items from the rails. Uncharacteristically he went for black for one of them (didn't have the heart to tell him SJP never wears black, it's a TV thing) and a lovely shade of grey for the other. It seems to have taken him over 3 years to finally get the 'I don't do prints'/I don't do ethnic' edict I constantly drop in conversations. Granted, I then confuse him from time to time in wearing prints, but not often. I'd make exceptions for some Versace or Missoni colour mixes but would never, say, wear those hideous short floral dresses Balenciaga was doing last year.

What can I say, it's hot out there so I just relfect on frothy stuff. Assuming you don't want my take on MP expenses etc.


  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger KT said…

    It's such a bummer being in your forties and having a good figure but not being able to wear the things once worn in younger years, eh?
    My good friend said to me last year "The problem with wearing a short skirt at our age is we look good from behind, but when they catch up and see your face it's all over"
    Bummed me out for weeks, that did.


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