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Monday, June 01, 2009

30 May - Pete & Kate

It just occurred to me that my current relationship has already outlived Peter Andre' and Katie Price (if we are to believe that the divorce is for real and not in order to sell a second wedding spread to Hello magazine later on when they iron out their differenes). Isn't that something?

But that's boring. Of course I don't ignore my boyf for the sake of spending hours on a horse, though, if I could ride and had access to such beautiful animals as she has (think her horse she carted off to USA was 500k, don't ask me how I know, a friend knows that dressage instructor KP is meant to be soft on) who knows how long I'd be out cantering.

Of more interest to me is what and when things happen in life. J. tells me about his sister who was a virgin till she turned 39! I have never met her and have no time to delve into the why's , I mmediately think that since J. is uber handsome, maybe sister is not bad looking either but hta really doesn't mean anything since it's not on bad looks alone that one would be consigned to never meeting a man. Anyway, he says that this status quo was changed a year or so ago when she started dating on the internet and since than has been shagging incessantly, to make up for lost time so to speak. I ask if she meets these guys in the casuals but he says no, it's mainly in the regular WLTM and then things evolve not into relationships but encounters. I say I have a relative who could benefit from similar outcome but she lives in a tiny town whereas J's sister has access to hot Spanish guys in Seville no less. Must get her to tell me some stories when she's next in London. Maybe only having her brother as an example, she's going for the straight version of the gay life which seems (sexually) simpler. Boy sees boy he likes, their eyes meet, the chemistry says 'go' and they shag, then they go.

I could contrast this with G.'s ice maiden 'I have to be in Love in order to have sex' stance, which just makes me think 'Girl you don't know what you're missing'. (see previous entry on ... ?). I don't know why but have always been deeply suspicious of people that don't seem to value their own physical side. I think there's something wrong with that, but I then admire the ascetic St. Francis or Milarepa etc. Then again, wait a moment, wasn't St. Francis at least a pretty dissolute young man till he decided to leave it all behind? By which I mean at least he had given it a good go. G. sounds scared of sex having only been with the same man since she was a teenager. All very well if she enjoyed that but doesn't sound like she does so why not try something else? Am sure the boyf is....



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