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Thursday, June 04, 2009

4 June - Control & Babies

Sometimes women are a pain. I realised this once again recently when I noticed that I seem to be issuing lots of instructions (or orders) to the boyf. When it comes to the builders... well, a never ending stream. However, the actual instructions are not many. But the volume becomes large because you have to tell them every single request/instruction REPEATEDLY. And by the third time it's no longer a request, it's a demand. So, you see, we're not guilty. It's their fault.

However, I feel better already since hearing the following. Some friends were visiting friends with a newish baby. As they were there towards bath time/bed time, they followed newish dad to the baby's bedroom and he was selecting a pjiam for said child out of a collectin of new items, when his wife's voice came through the baby intercom in the room demanding what was he putting on the baby and upon hearing his reply/description of the item, he was instructed 'No, not that one, put the xyz one on him'.

Well, you know... there's nothing much you can do wrong in dressing your few months old baby with either this one or that one so I take it that I'm not that much of a control freak. Then again I think we're both lucky me and the lady in question since we've chosen partners who are not likely to get too annoyed about it, they comply when others would take this kind of meddling as the starting point for a big row....


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