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Thursday, June 04, 2009

3 June - Luxury Inflatable Beds

Don't ask. But for reasons I won't go into, I have to sleep on an inflatable bed for a few days. It's borrowed from a friend who hardly ever used it and said it was a luxury one. In fact it blows up to resemble a proper bed complete of 'mattress' on top of those wooden boxes/supports, and has its own cotton valance. Weird. Of course you make plenty of noice moving about on it, so the jetlag giving Toph superhuman powers at 1am means that we end up making so much air escape from the valve that by morning (since we're exhausted and not willing to deal with re-inflating though it's easy enough) we're drowing inside the folds. It's kind of funny in some trailer trash sort of Vegas way.

It all reminds me of a water bed I once slept on courtesy of an 80's new romantic who had a black and gold sort of mini palace experience inside his Earl's Court flat. See, I can't recall his name or his minor hit. But he was properly narcissistic and the bed linen was black satin sheets. Now, between the water bed motion and the slipping sheets, I don't recall having such a great time. Think it was a case of all setting and no content. I do remember it was a walk of shame sort of morning though and having to walk out in last night skimpy clothes only to realise I was in Earl's Court after all and between what they saw at the Colherne or other gay bar, well, I was not that noticeable. See just there what happened? The name of one of the local pubs just got in there conjured up easily (must have gone it once if I did) but can't remember the name of the bed fellow. If I did I could at least google him and see what he did since. I can picture perfectly the sleeve of his albumand his moody profile (funnily enough he had a Tiga haircut before Tiga) but name.... no no no. Not a chance. Of course I do have the vinyl, of course I do, but in storage...


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