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Friday, July 17, 2009

14 July - Old Punks & Westway

Went to the opening of Mick Jones' Rock 'n' roll museum under the Westway. Fine evening at familiar faces. Absolutely love that despite being told get there early and despite not getting there early, there was no guest list, anyone who wandered by/in, got in. That's the spirit.

The spirit was more in evidence inside when much to my surprised the majority or half the exhibits didn't seem to be nailed down. I mean, how would you trust that nobody pockets that Clash 7" on display or tries to bring down/try on, one of the ultra iconic sleeveless shirts they wore on stage? I mean, Music Machine first album time, there I was. I still remember the dress I was wearing since it was a dark pink velour thingie which was very ill advised for being down the front getting soaked. I think it ended up round my waist and I know I took it off and wrung it of 20% my sweat and 80% everyone else. Total yeuch. God knows what time of year it was. Cold enough to freeze on the bus home. Those were the days. Toph overhears Mick Jones almost answering my thought and saying that if some of the stuff walks, it walks. Once a punk....

He does look ancient though, in a sort of malnourished sort of way and slighly dickensian. I don't see paul or topper but do see glenn matlock who always strikes me as looking pretty much unaged. I get goosebumps walking into a room decked out to be Joe Strummer's 'studio'. His spirit can't be here since it's just an exhibition but still...
However it is all short lived as after two hours we go eat at the nearby thai. The old punks were always older than I was and not really my crowd.


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