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Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 August - Morrissey & Tequila & Art

So we go to the Mandarin Oriental bar for a not so great margarita (don't mess with the formula I say, this one has some fruit juice in it that does nothing for it) and I refuse the small table by the door that we're offered, opting for a sofa at the back which is under a drip from the airconditioning.

My friend remarks that in summer in London, nobody would make any money around town if it wasn't for all the arab citizens escaping their 50 degrees in the cooler alleys of knightsbridge. Indeed the clientele is all middle eastern but I wonder, if a hotel becomes popular or gets adopted by one group of people who hate another, does that other group (jewish in this case) find it comfortable to sit in the same bar/restaurant? I just... wonder.

As we exit, I notice that Morrissey is sat on a sofa with some business looking people and directly next to the little table I refuse. Darn. Could have eavesdropped or said come stai since he's conversant with Italian and roman boyfriends. Oh and could have asked so which guy is G Clooney bonking in Italy. Surely Morrissey would know? It's all very well my fashion friend's gay mate in Las Vegas saying he has proof but until I see the photos....

Outside the entrance a strange sight awaits... a shiny and totally silver as in steel pan silver Ferrari. We stop and look and a guy says 'wanna a drive?' dangling the keys and I say 'it's not your car, whose is it?' . He says he doesn't know, an saudi arabian guest. But of course. God, can you imagine? Maybe he lives in London or maybe he had it shipped for the month of August. In any case... why do I think it's the height of tacky and he doesn't? I'll never know why tastes differ so much. A friend is doing a docu on domestic art, art on the walls of regular people and they all have the pebbles or the jetty from Ikea. Nobody I know has them or would have them, but is this because they come from Ikea or because we don't like them? I try to get Toph to committ to either the pebbles or the jetty and he says the jetty. I take the pebbles, if I really really had to. But I doubt besides choosing/buying these things, if one then at home spends anytime actually looking at them, or they become just like the paint on the wall. Invisible.

The show presenter comes down on these things really hard but when the director goes to her house she has photographs of her 3 dogs on the wall. And like, that's more tasteful/unique/real art? My arse, it's not of course so who does she think she is? And besides art we like is not art we want at home. I like G&G for example but would never take one of their garish paintings home. Ever. So ho hum, discuss.


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