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Monday, July 27, 2009

18 July - Moon & Tights

Three of us go to see Moon. One of us doesn't know anything about it and so it's great that we're all three similarly mesmerised by it and agree on how well done it is. You don't need much to tell a story. Never fails to surprise me this.
Of course it's 40 years since moon landing, but it's also 40 years since Major Tom and it would appear that Duncan Jones was born the following year. Seen some photo of him and he dresses like a lumberjack sort of... Methinks some deliberate effort to not look as former androgynous supreme father. Earlier in the week met an american actress/coach friend of friends who says she met him at a party a while back not knowing who he was and how he came to her defence when some other guest was bashing americans indiscriminately.
After the movie we head to 23 Romilly St's basement where we have half an hour before they stop serving us. We've unwittingly walked into a 19 year old disco by which I mean the dj and the punters seem on the younger side of 20. All two dozens of them. But we have our drinks and are happy to sit and watch them throw mad shapes like we did back er.. at their age. In fact, since the fashion is for the 80's, they are practicallly us back then.
There's the extremely tall, androgynous spandau ballet lookalike (anyone with a large scarf on his neck qualifies), there's the human league girls, there's the more goth ones, there's the ones in 50's garb, those were always there, there's the francois sagan one, there's the quentin crisp one, and the rolling stone one and the roxy music one, there's the obligatory asian and the obligatory black kid in the largely white majority. We are all remarking on the fact that sideways these kids are practically transparent and front on they're 22" waists. But so where we! Toph is particulary taken by the boys barnets, who are all versions of ian mcculloch. But he mentions the boys to distract me from the fact he's perving the girls.

When the dj girl sits down next to us he wastes no time in engaging her in conversation. It's her night, she asks if we like it, we say yes and Toph and D. declare they want to come back next week. Mad? why would I? They ask aloud how is it possible these kids are dancing to roxy music tracks like... weren't we dancing to stuff that predated us by twenty years? Don't you remember all those kids into sould and ska? It only takes one to say 'oh my god i've discovered this' for the others to follow. These lot are playing 7" like we would track down beatles era stuff. Same thing.

At some point Toph asks me if I would ask the 18 year old asian girl sat down next to us where she got her optical /geometric green and black tights and says 'If I buy them for you, would you wear them?' Aside from the fact I probably still have stuff in a trunk from them back days, No and No. I drag him away, this is too pervying for my liking, not before declaring that if he's fantasising he better stop since we're now in territory of below age of our friends' kids and this is how some bad stories start where the OLD adults think they may be able to come on to these kids. I tell him they don't even view us as their parents but actually older and it would be very very sad to hear ourselves say things like 'Hey, I knew phil from HL or simon from DD'. Really, really sad.


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