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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

19 July - Dubai & Hell

Article by Rod Liddle in Sun Times magazine about the impending fall of Dubai. Great. Once again I am ahead of that curve since I declared more than five years ago that I would never ever go to Dubai and I have even avoided changing over planes there on way to the East. I had read long ago how their overwhelmingly asian gestarbaiters are totally enslaved (removal of passports, no rights, anything they earn is levvied as rents for sheds they share with hundred others) and had no desire to sleep in a bed in a hotel built on their enslavement.

Ok sure I've probably stayed in places built on similar exploitation but if that was before my lifetime it's harder to avoid. But not here. And I am going to be very glad if they can't get any tourist or business to come use their shining city and it will be once again claimed by the desert.
Over the years I have never met a single person who's been there on holiday or business who wishes to ever go back, unless they've also been to Saudi Arabia in which case that comes bottom of their list. I feel super sorry for how ugly it's going to turn up once the westerners loose their dollar superiority and the real hatred of the locals towards them swallows them up but, you know, don't go thinking you can go large it over there because you'll never be accepted away from the beach and the mall. Not when you consistently insult their customs. But of course it's the ruling ranks who are at fault for their total hypocrisy in wanting the tourists, but not wanting our culture to pollute theirs.

As for the russian whores in the article who declare they'll do it with anyone but a black or an arab... I hope er.. I better stop there before I wish them something really bad. Same for the taxi drivers in the article who also declare they won't pick up those groups. It's funny, well no, tragic, when exploited people feel they have to choose some other subgroup to hate, exclude, feel superior to.


  • At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hello, Lisa Taylor.

    I am Russian, who was living in the UAE and I may sincerely tell you that NOT all russian females are bitches as you may read and discuss here.

    You know, it is common practice to dirty somebody's reputation if s(h)e is competitive. Just say "oh, they are fucking russian whores... But the reason is NOT their bad behaviour, but their beauty.

    I regret that people think bad about us, regret too much! If several females are bitches, it doesn't mean that most of other girls are the same.

    In general, life in the UAE is attractive but slavery, very discriminative and silly. You can't develop yourself as well as you can do in your Motherland.

    I came back home.



  • At 8:39 AM, Blogger Lisa Taylor said…

    I'm sorry if I've offended you. of course I have no right to generalise about people, and of course I'm super fortunate to be born in a country where any sort of work is available to me and I don't have to escape a grim reality by going to a worse or just different a kind of 'bad' life. And nobody else depends on my work for their livelihood. And lack of choice is what is behind exploitation and prostitution. I am sorry and I hope you're doing well back in Russia.


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