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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

27 July - DYI Weddings

Was with a friend who's getting married in September and she's organising it all since she does events for a living. Her latest, recession negotiated budget is still £7k. And that's up in Scotland (presume life is cheaper there but I could be wrong) and she's getting married in a sari. For no other reason that she likes them and has one bought in India years ago. She reminisces about previous relationships and how this is better than those ones (not hard, previous long term was a drug addict who managed to spend in a few months a decent inheritance, and previous one to that is a jobbing actor /not successful musician).
She's happy, she's on her way to losing the third stone and re-styling her wardrobe accordingly. She's over 40 so she's realistic about what it all entails what with inheriting teenage stepson and so on. As an organised person, she tells me she's also ordered her own engagement ring a while back from the freeman's catalogue she's used since she was a teen. She always wanted a platinum and diamond ring and now she has it. Groom to be doesn't currently have money so why not. Am not going to ask what the groom is busy sorting out. Maybe the band? No, my friend has done that. Maybe the invites? No, my friend got those. Maybe the cars? Something?


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