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Thursday, August 13, 2009

12 August - Old & Websites

its's that time of the year where there's nothing much to do and am up to date with the document that contains all my passwords and log ins and PIN's etc and also the self-explanatory one called 'Where things are'. Since am all for making it easier to deal with the mountain of admin one would encounter, should I die tomorrow. If it didn't cost lots to do a power of attorney, I'd do one now, but I imagine I may have to change it to another name/friend at some point so not worth the expense. I have a friend who is the ideal person for this task, she's a lawyer. But since she's in year 2 of dealing with the mess left by her father's death, also a lawyer, I don't thin she'd want to be burdened with my shit. The thing is that her father died in his 80's and after a ten year decline due to Parkinson and so on so you'd think evertything would be ship shape but no, not at all. And it all takes mountains of time and you end up having to give money away to the taxman etc.

So there you go, me being organised and having more than one property and family in other country, means I try to at least make the task of unlocking passwords here and there an easy one. But...if my unofficial executors use my passwords, will they be treated as fraudsters I wonder? There's nothing banks surely like better than holding on to unclaimed money. Or do they give it to charity after ten years of it languishing in an account for example. I doubt it.

However, all this exercise has achieved is proving how many passwords one has. Since every bloody thing seems to require one. So I set myself the challenge of at least re-accessing everything I once signed up for. All those websites that I just wanted to see how they work but I don't need. What's facebox for example (not facebook), or desingersarewankers? And so on.

But even during a slow week this is equal to wanting to kill yourself. And I don't even have half of the technical baggage many younger people have, you know passworded phones, music devices, other applications. It's simply too much.. stuff. I want the desert island, the cave, the remote himalayan mountain top.


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