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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

4 January - Party& Smokers

A small house party to wave goodbye to the Angolan queen Donna D who is returning to work in her compound in the middle of nowhere central Angola. She tells us that there are no birds or animals in that part of the world, as if the ones in Namibia wouldn't dare ever crossing into Angola since, during the civil war, everything got eaten and now the birds/animals know to stay away forever. Nobody told the mosquitoes but that's not an animal but the remnants of some old plague still wit us.

It's a nice big house rented for now by a couple who have sold/rented out their respective flats in Hampsted and have money left over for this one in Kensal Rise since they've combined their kids from previous marriages. They seem delighted to discover that civilized life is not over in that corner and places like Minki's Deli at the bottom of their road and the obligatory children clothing shops are reassuringly saying "We're still central, we're not in the suburbs, those are half a mile up in Willlesden". I hate to break it to them that the rise is not the new Chelsea. A. is funny and loud. The husband is also loud but not so funny. He's an ex hedge fund now training to be therapist, as you do. I think he must be a long way from being a good one though since he talks and talks AT you (well Toph) and polishes bottles of wine pretty fast and is the kind of person who says things like 'All media people are idiots' (I paraphrase) without first establishing who he's talking to ie. a media person. I find that sort of declarative style of conversation very annoying. He's talking to Angolan queen and to Toph who has worked in Africa (though one should keep it specific as it's not an interchangeable /homogeneous kinda place) and says, I kid you not "The thing about Africa is..." Frankly I thought those kind of openings were banned. I don't care if he's also lived/worked there, it's just prepostrous to posit that you know it all. He's the brother of an incredibly sexy/dishy Scottish actor. I wish he were here now so I could just look at him instead of listening to boring bro. I'm not listening in fact, am on the other side of the room which means I also don't get to talk to a nice lady who work in events/does things like Harry Potter parties. She looks very dashing in a mid 90's kind of style but her face is soft for someone who's probably a ballbreaker in her job.

I don't last long on the other side of the room either as am next to two women who chainsmoke up the chimney hole. It's a good chimney hole but still. However I can't protest as one is the lady of the house so... These people clearly eschew new year resolutions and just smoke away. Not a 'do you mind if' crosses their lips. They're so busy drinking and smoking that the much heralded snacks don't appear till am almost about to raid their fridge. Oh I don't know.... We leave with much 'Should meet up again' but ... I know we won't.


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