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Friday, November 05, 2010

5 november - Diwali

Happy Diwali for any readers who are indian or love India. Mera kutta kala hai. Ok not relevant but the only sentence in hindi that I'm able to recollect easily. A g/friend of 24 said recently she wants to study French. I told her get tee to the class tout de suite parce que when you get to 40 odd you can learn but it doesn't stick. I go to hindi classes and makes perfect sense when there, the grammar is dead easy and am certainly not learning devanagiri script yet, but the total surprise for me (and speak 3 languages plus know a 4th I never use (German) and because of 2 of those good other ones (French/Italian), I get a 5th and am not scared of being alone in Mexicoooooooo), is that I can't memorise shit/mierda/cacca/merde/sheise. I walk around counting 1 to 10 in hindi or repeating the names of the week and there are always gaps. The same gaps. number 4 or ... tuesday. WTF? There is a small voice that says 'It doesn't matter, you just concentrate on how the grammar works and then when you'll be there, you'll get the missing words easily, plus you know you say 3 plus one or the day after monday and before wednesday. Think laterally. Draw it on the sand. So I imagine my brain is saying it's overloadeda and please leave it alone, and they all speak English anyway, sort of... But it still bugs me that memory doesn't work. A summer ago I asked the niece of a friend (bored at a family party) to tell me no. 1 to 10 in her jewish language. Must have repeated them several times and even at the time I couldn't retain one. Zero. Why this decay? I know they sell supplements for memory but am increasing of the opinion that the vast vast supplements market is a massive con.

It's like the lovely Ulla, facial therapist at .... who tells it like it is and totally does not believe any cream engineers any collagen production in your face. End of. She believes a bit of IPL laser helps but that's that. You can't make it by ingesting anything or by trying to make it penetrate your own skin. No Jose'. No se puede. Ji nahi.


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