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Friday, March 04, 2011

6 march - Escaping from Angola

Sent this email to a friend. Am glad I live in the democratic northern sphere of the world. This below is my friend D. who works for de-mining organization xx based outside Huambo in Angola. She’s due back on a break end of April. Am not going to get too worried yet, but uprisings in Africa (or Greece for that matter) have a way to turn violent. I draw your attention to third paragraph below. Am just trying to be practical and think of help should he be needed. Do you in your travels have any government/media or military contacts in nearby Namibia which is where she would try to get to if needs to escape? See her route below. Of course you’d think xx people who largely ex military will know how to look after her, but... I don't trust men. Of course if you could scramble the google plane and have Bono on board that would be even better. Lemme know. On another note we have pro-government demos here on Friday and anti-government demos on Monday 7th. Being co-ordinated by Unita in Switzerland. they say they will also march in London and New York on same day. Police and army will be out in force on the streets here as this is Unita terrirory (where Savimbi lived) have just been told by my staff that most still have guns from the war-and that all will be well so long as the government don't kill anyone. if not a possible uprising. as all comms will be shut down by government (internet/mobile) just want to let you know my plan is to escape ( if necessary) south via Namibia as Luanda is 10 hours away and could be much more violent. The route is Menongue to Katwitwi (about 10 hours) the border crossing shuts at 5pm so would leave Huambo around 6am to arrive 4pm. then cross to Namibian side of border called Nkurekuru. Which is about 5/6 hours from Windheok, but there are good places to stay on that side of the border after crossing and would be able to make a call to let all know am ok.


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