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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 January - FC & Players

Never let it be said that my vast array of interests doesn't cover pretty much everything. Yes, ask away at a party and I'll be irritatingly well informed. So there, banks being nationalised is one thing but Kaka choosing to stay in Milan is another. I'm not a Milan FC fan, or a fan of any club in particular but I think people fail to consider often enough that players move or don't move to clubs because of where they are.

Now, I don't like Milan very much, would never chose to live there myself though maybe in winter I would. Bloody cold but you can go skiing...and in summer there's the lakes or a leetle private jet to Sardinia etc, but between Manchester and Milan...? No contest. Kind of funny though rejecting all those millions. If it was just about the football he'd have stayed in Brazil right? Ok I realise I've just said something fairly sacrilegious but one will never be able to really decide who plays the best football as a whole. And World Cup wins don't count.


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