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Friday, February 20, 2009

18 February - Sothebys & Christies

I’ve come across a cache of Sotheby’s and Christies catalogues mostly to do with modern art and twenty odd to do with jewellery. My oh what a pastime I’ve found. I was going to donate them to charity (ha! Oxfam browsers can dream too) but decided to keep at work to divert my mind from daily crap and toil.

It’s mind boggling what’s out there, already sold once or several times over and not even in the shops. Sobering though to see the list of sellers, lots of dead women...
You really can’t take it with you….But in some cases the stuff had already been donated to charities who are putting up for sale to get next year's rent perhaps. It is truly all artificial the value put on precious stones but my what craftmanship and of course anything you see in any high end or swarowsky shop is a copy/change on something that was around a few hundreds years ago. Of course never occurred to me that anything new is never new in this area as well.


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