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Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 February - White & Cream & Taupe

Taupe did not exist when I was growing up. I don't think I ever heard of this colour. I'd have called it a boring sub standard bastard hybrid of camel and uh, not sure what's in there? is it purple? grey?

Anyway I was with C. and we were in Ledbury rd. and she dragged me into this shop, can't remember the name but it's next to diane von furstenberg. It was full of white, cream, beige, honey, taupe, caramel, froth and a few other block colours. Well blue and black and maybe brown. There must have been some grey there too. And sold lots of items you'd find in a hotel room I guess. Or in the malibu house of boring Jennifer Aniston.

I want to know who decided these are the colours of a sophisticated life? Since when is the donna karan wannabe life the life we want here? I like plain colours and I like white because it spells clean but I only have to go past a White Company or for one of their catalogues to drop off a magazine to feel repelled by the john pawsoness of it all. I was thinking that if a non wasp type person was brought into those shops they'd think someone died (white is the colour of death in part of the east. I'm not sure about Africa) or they'd think a very dull person lives in a house all cashmere toffee throws and slippers. I'm all for textures but I'd rather live in a Chinese fabric store room than in this nordic twilight mushiness of colours.

Rant over.



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