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Thursday, February 05, 2009

2 February - Quartet & Curry

Now, how many times has the Noor Jahan in Brompton Road been our local for the curry club (founder members Vindaloo Vic and D. ?). Many indeed. It's by far not the best curry and the service is dopey but location was handy.

So why, oh why, oh why were we not there the night Brangelina & Robert Downey Jr were there? Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn were also in the party but we don't care about them. He's got to have the singularly worst looking case of going bald on top I've ever seen and she has never done anything for us, she has a sort of mouth/teeth/smile that fits a ten year old and looks migthy odd on a grown up.

But yes, we were not there. Would have cheered Vic up no end since his tragic discovery he has developed diabetes and he's been banned from wine FOREVER. Not a good thing to have to deal with at 50 odd. I told him to say he's in rehab which is more interesting than I have diabetes but he's not keen.


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