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Thursday, February 12, 2009

13 February - Stars and their...

Just a tiny bit of gossip from friend in LA for work on a TV series involving stars. Seems Susan Sarandon for all that she projects ethical caring, can't be arsed to remember the names of anyone in a small production team travellng with her. Or rather she, by the end of second week, remembered the name of one cameraman but that was it. Not nice Susie.

And Dustin Hoffman for all his chumminess with London cabbies, in the end did not have a programme made with him as he requires private jet to fly him here and there and the generous budget did not stretch to that. Talking of jets, I heard a good one. Of course in the downturn certain masters of the universe have been told that they'll have to relinquish the company jet and travel first class. The horror. So the ruse is, the private jets are being put up for sale but, considering the glut in the market you'd think prices are cheap right? Not so. The clever thing is to put them for sale at a really uncompetitive high price so they don't sell and in the meantime you know, why not use them, they're just sitting there on the tarmac. I'm not naming any names but it could be the same people who're mighty sorry that Claridges is no longer the company preferred hotel when they come to London. The poor dears have to make do with other hotels nearby.... Hey, wankers, it's a public bar at Claridges, you can still go show off there for a drink.

But back to TV. SJP was very nice (seems she has some relative that was killed in the Salem witch trials back whenever) but wore the same outfit throughout the few days of filming. I think the crew were expecting Patricia Field styling but maybe SJP away from Carrie just wears comfy stuff. Plus the woman looks like a train's hit her now hubby has left for the coffee shop waitress. And Mr Big has gone to have a kid with his oriental g/friend and seems very happy indeed.


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