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Friday, February 20, 2009

19 February - Kidneys & Other spares

A friend writes she's having to have gallstones out which is a relief as she'd previously thought she had stomach cancer it was major stabbing pain. I didn't realise you can be any age and have the bastards. Good luck to her.
It sets me thinking about health. Well, I do a lot of that already. But this is one that puzzles me. Kidneys are hard to come by, and it's illegal to buy or sell them in most coutries for obvious reasons as in some countries you don't have to be willing to give one up for some crim to take it off you. But, in all countries there's a major scarcity.

Now, wouldn't it be a great idea if in a recession such as now with people losing jobs left right and centre, the government was to put a price on one, say £50k and encourage all to come forward. Hey presto, the entire waiting list for this organ would disappear and the people about to lose a house to the banks, would be able to front the mortgage. Clearly one should not be allowed to sell family member's kidneys, you'd have to be 21 years old and have it all explained properly before you sign a consent but think about it?

Mine is going... if anybody wants one, and is a match, get in touch. The liver I'd say is 100k. Non smoker, non drinker, really a bargain.

But seriously, I do believe in organ donor after death fore example but am told that in many cases despite a person having expressed the wish and carrying the card, the family can still oppose and stop this? Unbelievable.

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