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Thursday, January 22, 2009

27 January - Technology dramas

Ok so a few months ago L. told me I should get my friend G. to join us at the Pub Quiz becuase L. had some girlfriends who may be interested in him and what that he was seeing a newish girl already, O.? Nothing was set in stone in that area. So he came but no other single females materialised that night and he went home having had a good night but nothing to pursue.

Fast forward to now and having made the common mistake of not logging out of his Facebook whilst leaving the g/f to check her emails or something. So she read mine and L's exchanges with him about the Pub Quiz and some other stuff that's worse as around that time he sort of fucked a girl in the toilet of a club we'd gone to with him. In fact we had sort of played wingmen in that situation.

It's bad. Official girlfriend is convinced that Pub Quiz is some kind of code word for wife swapping or some such so he rang me to let me know she may call and have a go at me (she's never met L.)

I have no idea how he's going to explain the dancer either. I'd say that's more difficult. I mean, my pub quiz does exist and O. can come view it for herself.
I have also advised G. that since O. has been living with him for past few weeks as his landlord is away in Goa, and that we're two weeks short of Valentine, he may have the upper hand as O. would be foolish to ditch him in the run up to this date which fills single people with horror. I advised him to not keep apologising and leaving it be. How good am I?

But this begs the question of what will Obama do with his uncrackable blackberry? Nothing is really uncrackable, or rather it is but it's operated by us, idiots who forget to do stuff. I mean if he loses his BB when it's locked mabye it can't be unlocked or the messages viewed, but if he misplaces it when it's 'on' then what? does it have a screen that only comes to life if his eyes/pupils are looking at it? I need to know! And does he have a secret Facebook account?


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