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Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 January - Bored

As am now not currently fretting over job or home or lover that much and I don't want to invite any drama in my life just to alleviate the monotony, no thanks, I have just gone and added a new blog to this one. I've written some self explanatory notes in it and will start uploading stuff on it later on.

Other than that, how's this for a recession indicator? I went to the Coronet on Tuesday as they do movies for £3.50 on that day and for once they had two I fancy seeing (Slumdog and The Reader - there you go, a new title for your or... Millionaire Reader or the Reader as Slumdog). Both were sold out for both 6ish and 9ish screenings. Clearly the residents of one of the richest or the richest borough in London know how to save money. Ok, it's on the central line and those two films have just won globes and baftas and so on but I'd like to know what proportion of film goers from Harringey were in the audience. The old communist I never was in me, was basically saying, if we want to play the recession game, all should be means tested, there is no point making things cheaper for those who've lost a few tons with Madoff, they still have enough to go pay £12 for a movie. Rant over. Although if that's their local cinema, that's their local cinema. But please go on a Wednesday.


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