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Monday, January 26, 2009

30 January - NY NY so good , er..

They're throwing flights to NY at you, BA and the rest but... having been recently after an absence of several years, I wouldn't hurry back. Basically, back in the days, one would go because of work and to see friends made because of work, or several of the London escapees who now worked and resided in NY, often in apartments we were dead jelous of, you know the ones with concierges! Or not even those, maybe a studio flat in Manhattan, but it was Manhattan, it was cool!
Now I have no reason, my friends there have dwindled to two max.

The time before this last visit I was in Pastis, in Balthasar, in wherever else was fashionable, having dinner with the guy who signed Joss Stone (and the rest) and brushing past Ralph Lauren on the stairs of I can't remember which club in Tribeca or thereabouts but ... it's (and probably was, though I just didn't get it) irrelevant. I'm past caring to go to the latest restaurant, I only had a pang when M. in NY said for his 50th b'day he was waiting for his best friend from Philly to come meet him after work and he was late and when he arrived they went for a walk and eventually the friend said 'We should go to Lucky Strike for a drink, for old times's sake' (M. used to work there) and when they got through the door it was 'SURPRISE!!!' and all his old gang was there. I wish I had gone. I wish it was still winter of 1986 or something, can't even rembember when I first went. Was it that late? Surely I was dying to go see Suicide at CBGB's or something. Think it was always on the list but somehow nothing brought me that way earlier than mid-80's... Ok am despondant, it is stil January after all and my holiday in the sun ended 20 days ago.


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