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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 March - Badger and Betty Ford

The crazy american boy met in Hampi in January 06, a lifetime ago it seems, touched base very unexpectedly when I arrived in LA. There was an email of his, first in two years probably , saying he was in rehab. As he lives in Cali, I replied to say guess where I am , am here , gave him all the numbers, told him to call call call.

But didn't hear back till I got back and his later email was sent practically as I was flying and he informed me he had been at the Betty Ford clinic in PALM SPRINGS, and came out on Thursday. Darn! Missed him by a day and bizarre than when I was in the Joshua Tree park, I had thought of him becuase of all the boulders, in fact had said to Toph that it was like Hampi minus the elephants and crazy indians.

I know I know people who are in intimate contact with amy wino and pete docherty, but I don't have a genuine rehabber in my book and he could have told me stories. If only I could remember his real name too. Imagine getting there at reception and asking for 'Badger', yep. that's his name. mmmhhhh...

I replied to say that Joshua Tree was like our beloved Hampi with more boulders and no river and no holy men hiding in the bushes offering wisdom and not a (native)Indian in sight.... shame shame shame. And it took me a whole 48 hours to come up with the name of his compadre on that trip, Jovi. The one who was on the train somewhere and had not noticed that Badger had not got on after a stop and the poor boy had to get in a taxi and chase the train to the next stop. Not that difficult given the speed of drivers and the non speed of trains in India. Or maybe it was Jovi who had been left on the platform. How is it possible that I don't remember shit from 3 years ago? What's going on? Will this be why life in a few years won't be as unbearable as I think becuase one will be practically like a goldfish and constantly thinking, oh I do like this rosebush so.... having said /seen the same twenty five times previously. I despair.


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