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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

8 March - The Strip

We're driving back from dinner in Venice with a crazy couple. She, I know well, so any craziness there is endearing eccentricity I'm familiar with since oh... '88? But he's the 'new' man of 4/5 years and he's an opinionated, self righteous one. Ok, so they're fine together and who am I to comment but I'll give you one example. He writes short books for students to explain all sort of material. Quite why school kids would need a book explaining U2 I don't know but he has written one and has this to announce about Bono 'I don't respect any musician less talented than myself'. Er.. I know he plays an instrument and he's a big Grateful Dead fan (has kept the long hair that should sort of announce how alternative he still is in his fifties) but have you heard of SK? No, didn't think so. I'm no major Bono fan but I would never diss him for a second as a musician. The only moment i think S. is not bad is when he declares he absolutely loves Shameless, so I have to cut him some slack. He says thank god for his g/friend who being a Brit has interpreted some of the language. I didn't know that lekkie was electricity either come to that. How does she know? She's a nice girl from Finchley.

Anyway more later but... We drive back via the Strip for a change and they're all out the young people on their phones outside restaurants and wearing skimpy clothes outside clubs. As we cruise along I'm trying to think of what reason would I have to stop and go in, check it out. Would they even let me in since I've come from Joshua Tree (ha ha, U2 link there, should have used it earlier) and am not wearing clubby clothes, though, my national park clothes are of course more glam than anyone else's. The 50's inspired hold-up top could be customised in a second to make it to a night out and am not wearing jeans of course but nice grey trousers, and in the bag I have an assortment of bling that was removed earlier to make room for thorn scratches when we went off piste (we were looking for a suitably sunny boulder on which to have some straight up sex but in the end abandoned the idea, all the sunny sides were in view of tourists and the non sunny sides were below zero, sort of. It's ok to save it for next time, this was the rekkie.

And so it is that we reach home/temporary accommodation and a saturday night in LA went by with no glam. It's ok because the glam is probably indoors in someone's house and not in silly clubs for show off teenagers but still. I AM a teenager.



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