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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

4 March - TV

What's not to like if you're not working and just getting up late, seeing the BF off to work, go lie by the pool, then meet for lunch then go wandering, then go catch a yoga class? One could get used to this life dead easy and it would be years before i need the anti depressants cause it's actually mega boring. Plus I'd be in a clinic for various bits of surgery half the time and the other half in a SPA recuperating surely?

Back in the days when my job didn't bore me to tears, I'd have hated this lifestyle of not producing anything of any value but who was I kidding? I just assisted some value output but it's all forgotten now and not having the faintest desire to engage in the battles that would result in anything of value, the flip of the coin is to be happy to be bored.

After all, Toph is here to work on a progamme which is dead good on paper and a successful series in the UK already but the battles he has to fight re. his script which doesn't meet WOW factor that the networks demand here (and he can't well fabricate it, it's a docu not something you can douse with unbelievable plot twists!)are giving me the creeps by proxy. Truly.

Much late we to to dinner with talkshow producer (he owns the format so it's a good /successful/ money making gig) but he's soooo tired. I make sympathising noises about crazy unpredictable, no ball playing guests (see Mr J Phoenix on Letterman) but he says it's not the guests who are the main problem. He says you should pick your host more carefully and it should not be a woman who has no other life outside of the show , so that she's in the studio at all hours of day and night just wanting to talk the show. No, it's not Oprah or Ellen. No.

Earlier we went past the bar by the Warner studios that looks like a swiss hut and saw George Clooney going for a drink there back in his ER days filming next door, and now is production company is called the same (stone me, I forgot). Now that's a good example of jobbing it for years not very successfully and then you do your years on ER and you get to 40 before you turn mega star! See, the dream can happen at any time....



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