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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 March - Brits & Food

Well, trust us to come from London and want to go dine in the LA outpost of favourite joint, Cecconi's. Silly or what?
We arrive at 9pm as we haven't booked a table for 4 and this way we can wait for one. I've read the reviews and they all said that the soft week/s were a bit mayhem as loud and clubby and friendly but nothing to write home about on the food side. But they opened on Oscar week so naturally it was chaotic.

We make friends at the bar with some people so now should I need a top realtor I know one. She looks like Demi Moore and is of Italian descent, aren't they all here? or Irish? Or is that NY? There could be a mass of famous faces here but I wouldn't know who's big in TV so it falls to Toph to recognise Nigel Lythgoe not because he's a judge on the X Factor or the like but because he worked in TV, on the other side. Am, clueless though have heard the name. Eventually the lovely front of house girlies who are truly gifted at their job since they keep us up to date with our table and are generally fun, get the best table that allows me full view of the restaurant and Toph has a view of PM's chest exposing dress. I think this is the table Madonna would have got had she turned up so am well happy. PM's lover GP is such a delightful man with a Richard Gere look that's irresistible though he's much shorter or maybe RG is short too, they all are , they just look big on screen.
He's also enchanted by the flesh revealing dress and even more so since my g/friend told me she no longer sleeps with him (till he does something about leaving the wife working at the UN in NY) and she just enjoys turning him on and letting him stew. We think the wife funds a lot of his LA lifestyle so clearly he has reasons to not quit.. till he's made it either as an actor or screenwriter/director. He has us in hoots when he confesses that he's not actually come from a karate class but from a ballet one. He just says karate cause he's puerto rican and all his friends would just rib him to death for such a non macho 'sport'. The poor babe!

Toph makes friends with the maitre d', with the main waiter and the waitress by doing his usual 'I hear a Brit accent right?'. He's oblivious to the fact they're busy but they indulge in in small talk and when he says he lives behind Nick the owner, we get free appetizers. Nice. Techically the owner is now Jamie Caring's dad as 80% shareholder if am not mistaken. I don't even know why I say Jamie Caring's dad except that I don't remember the name of billionaire Caring Snr and it just now makes perfect sense that JC who didn't seem to know that much, had a plum job from a young age at MTV, guess that wasn't difficult to get as work experience heh? But I digress as usual.

So, the menu is sort of London lite and for hours we don't see our food. But it's actually the one time we don't care cause we're laughing so much and the nero d'avola is going down a treat. We hardly notice that everyone else has gone home by 11pm cause they must all have breakfast meetings or personal trainers at 7am to meet. When eventually our bill arrives there's the drinks at the bar missing and also the second bottle of wine. You have to wonder how difficult it is to put the right item on the right bill right? God knows, and my bill comes in 3 separate bills as god knows what they did there too but I am not pointing it out, I just over tip and ease my conscience that way. Mr & Mr Soho House better sort their staff out before they really get busy crazy and lose tons of cash this silly way.

The evening ends with Toph having established that GP loves jazz and offering his mate Brandford up for a gig when he's in LA in a couple of weeks, tickets and backstage all around. So they're now firm friends.

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