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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 March - Nowa Huta in the Sun

The BF did me proud, there he was with the flowers and homemade sign with my busy agent/producer/organiser g/friend nickname. I have another one for when am not organising shit, and for the just fuck me other hours in the day/night. But I guess he would have felt exposed to use that, that's the secret one right?

So he drives me where he's staying, the Oakwood apartments which a zillion people seem to know since they're a sort of holding pattern for minor characters in the TV world and conveniently placed next to the Warners and Universal studios. There are two identical pools and about 20 blocks of god knows how many identical apartmetns. If it wasn't for the sunshine it is a sort of Nowa Huta communist foundry worker complex. Though the beds are considerably larger than back in Poland I'm sure.

In the convenience store on the grounds, there are headshots of kiddies pasted all over above the shelves. I don't recognise a single face/name but then again I don't watch soaps of any kind. One day the OC the next you get a movie, that's how it works I think.

Practically next door is the Forest Lawn cemetery which seems very nice and probably contains yet more famous corpses or ashes. A few minutese above is the Hollywood sign and a few minutes away is the Hollywood Bowl. I couldn't be more of an aspiring non entity if I tried. I have to borrow a script of any kind to carry under my arm should anyone stop me and want to make friends.

I have the guacamole that I seem to like only in LA, a beer, has to be done, a little tour of Venice Beach and then it's fun time since the boy has not been roughing it up with me for a few weeks. I slept fine on the plane since I had 3 empty seats so I'm definitely not nodding off any time soon.



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