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Monday, March 16, 2009

15 March - Radio 4 & Tom Cruise

How we revert to type. When toph is here, Radio 4 is on all day long every day. He has it on both in the kitchen and bedroom so it's left on even when he's in his 'office' and may be listening to other music there or in the living room /same thing. I find it infuriating to come back and turn the bedroom one off realising electricty has been wasted thus all day. Yes, even if I don't pay electricity here or at buckingham palace I'd be boring for England as i go around all the room switching off what's not used.

I have a friend with a Nespresso coffee maker. I used to half live there and if I came in when I knew she'd gone on holiday for a week or on a business trip for a few days, I would switch the machine off because it turns itself on in seconds when you need it. One day I did it in front of her and she said "So it's you! I had been telling off the cleaner and she had of course denied it". Much discussion (well 2 mins, I love my friend because you can be to the point with her) followed on the merits of why do you leave it on 24/7 when you're not here and she replying along the lines of what business is it of yours, it's my house blah blah. Which of coruse it isn't, but I'm the one who wants to save the planet i guess though i regularly don't tick the donation you can make to offset carbon emissions on cheap flights. So there you go, I'm a giant hypocrite. All this to say that Toph has been absent from these shores for weeks and I just thought blimey I have never thought of switching on the radio. This is because I have never done so all my life and it just doesn't occur to me. For a start I cannot abide the same news relayed to me again and again and again, they would sound like ads and I'd have to go turn the volume down everytime.
As you can imagine I'm not the audience for bbc news 24/5 or sky news 24/7. I get annoyed enough that the Sunday news are effectively the Saturday news. News as they unfold mean nothing to me. I want my news with a little mediation. I dont' believe there wouldn't ever be none because even in chosing what to broadcast to me and all, an editorial decision has already been made so you know, if I see a fireball somewhere it doesn't mean we know who blew who up etc.

Talking of news I was dismayed to read that the ex prime minister of Thailand thanked the fact his assets were frozen when he came to London and was not allowed to go back, thus avoiding him further speculation with his own money, which he would have lost in the general meltdown of last 12 months. The bastard is going to get his hands on his money eventually, he didn't seem to doubt that, and the amount would be more he'd have made /lost by trading. I don't know where I can turn this anger away from giving me cancer. I may have to start sounding like a lunatic and verbally say things like "Shooo, away from me thoughts that I cannot do anything about and are just making my stomach churn and what's it to me what happens in Thailand?" and so on. It's a wonder to me I sleep at night but when I wake up and half remember dreams temporarily, it's clear that I just worry at night like mad. It's not fair. I want rest. When I'm not worrying, I wake up remembering I was having a pretty good love match with Tom Cruise. This is peculiar beyond belief. There has never been the slightest conscious thoughts I've given to the guy. I don't even care about Scientology, I think they're light years away from ever spreading it far enough for me to worry (cancer avoided there). So what's he doing making me sexually fulfilled. That is so wrong. I hate his teeth, even after he's had the vampire ones capped. And the sloping shoulders, and the Bono platform. All of him.


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