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Thursday, July 01, 2010

1 July - Fulham evening

Out for a bite with recently pregnant g/friend. Another g/friend of hers is with us. Terribly lovely woman who has a young son who's lucky to have a benefactor godfather since she was left by the boy's father when she was pregnant and had to struggle for years to get him to acknowledge son was his and to stump up some money. Before I feel sorry for her though, during the course of dinner it transpires she has a flat in Valencia that's lain empty for years. She bought it because she went to Valencia once, loved it, bought flat and then? Just didn't love it any more by why sell?
She currently lives by chelsea fc grounds and also has flat in the development of the former Negresco hotel in Nice or Cannes? something like that. I like that one can have property like I have handbags, they're somewhere but I'm not using them.
Other pregnant g/friend seems home alone a lot at w/ends as hubby is not giving up on his sporty life followed by copious drinks with the sporty pals. I'll mind when she really minds too. For now she's taking it as what it was predicted to be. In every girl's life you have to go through a 1950's period. I support what my husband wants to do. Very Betty and Don Draper.

paris and her flats in valencia and the negresco and chelsea and so on


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